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EXPLAINS 2024 will be held in conjunction with IN4PL 2024 and IJCCI 2024.
Registration to EXPLAINS allows free access to the IN4PL and IJCCI conferences (as a non-speaker).

Although the conference is back to the normal mode (i.e., in-person) speakers are allowed to present remotely if unable to travel to the venue (hybrid support).

Upcoming Submission Deadlines

Regular Paper Submission: June 3, 2024
Position Paper Submission: July 17, 2024
Doctoral Consortium Paper Submission: September 20, 2024

(See Important Dates for more information)
In the future people will collaborate more and more with machines to solve complex problems using AI techniques. Such a collaboration requires adequate communication, trust, clarity and understanding. eXplainalbe AI (XAI) aims at addressing such challenges by combining the best of symbolic AI and Machine Learning including neural models, evolutionary computing and fuzzy systems. Such topic has been studied for years by all different communities of AI, with different definitions, evaluation metrics, motivations and results. In addition to technology, this involves social and legal issues as well as a wide range of real-world applications and domains. Both interpretability by design methods and post-hoc methods for explaining complex models have been proposed and investigated. Research has also redirected its emphasis on the structure of explanations and human-centered Artificial Intelligence, recognizing that the ultimate users of interactive technologies are humans.

Conference Areas

1 . Technology

2 . Social and Legal Issues

3 . Applications

Conference Chair

Joaquim FilipePolytechnic Institute of Setubal / INSTICC, Portugal


Francesco MarcelloniDipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, University of Pisa, Italy
Kurosh MadaniLISSI Lab. / Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Sénart, University of Paris-EST Créteil (UPEC), France
Niki van SteinNatural Computing, Leiden University, Netherlands
Science and Technology Publications, Lda

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